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Historic Vic Park House With Decor Issues Lists for $779,000

This 1,418 square foot, $779,000 Victoria Park cottage manages to squeeze a lot into its rather diminutive size, including three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a baby grand piano, and a formal dining room that, admittedly, only has seating for two. Okay, maybe three if the side chair is pulled out, but even that would be tiiight. Plentiful historic details, like the original fireplace, hanging lights out front, and wooden floors have to exist amongst some more recent, and particularly awkward, design choices. You know things are weird when the kitchen and one of the bedrooms are decorated in the exact same black/white flowery motif, and that 'bookcase' wallpaper really doesn't work in that extra bedroom that really looks like it wants to be a library, with imaginary books. As for the house's age, the broker says it was built in 1931, but the historic plaque says 1940. Judging by the architecture, could this be the first time in recorded history that brokerbabble was more accurate than an historic preservation society?

· 609 NE 17th Terrace [Zillow]