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Your Rich Aunt Ginger's Palm Beach PH Lists For $4.2M

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Your wonderful dearly departed Aunt Ginger always did well for herself, which is how she ended up with your Uncle Morty, her third husband, and the only one she ever loved. Luckily, Morty also had money, and he developed this very building back in the 60s, with a beautiful penthouse which he built just for Ginger. They lived many happy years here, hobnobbing with Palm Beach society. Ginger even knew Jackie O! Always a gentleman, Morty also had the good sense to die in it, and he left her everything.

Of course that's all made up, except for the part about this $4.2 million Palm Beach apartment being built in the 60s as the personal residence of the building's developer, which it was. And it looks like it's been impeccably maintained, and almost completely unaltered, since. The spacious, three bedroom penthouse comes with very large rooms, a 1000 square foot balcony, and "lives like a house, but with the convenience of being on one level", which seems like a very 1960s thing to say.
· 389 S Lake Drive PH B [Redfin]