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Related's Beachwalk is Getting Close, Red Smokestack & All

The Related Group's Pininfarina-designed Beachwalk Hallandale Beach, complete with its signature red tower that rather romantically recalls an ocean liner's smokestack, is getting close to completion. Not as close as that other Pininfarina collab 1100 Millecento, but pretty close nonetheless. Photos show a tower that has reached its full height, balcony railings in, some of the signature red already on the top, and a huge parking garage with no amenity deck on top. Yes, ok, Related's never been known for skimping on the extras, and this place does have a rooftop pool, plus access to the beach club at Hyde Hollywood Beach, a walk away (thus the name Beachwalk, get it?) but is all that exposed concrete a waste of space or what? They could have put another tower there.

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