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A Brand New Eater; Changing the World Through Food

1) Everywhere: First off, HUGE NEWS: this happened. Eater now looks like this. Go ahead and snoop around.

2) Everywhere: Curious to know how Miami's food industry folks would change the world through food? We've gathered up a few of the city's most notable voices and asked them to share their thoughts. Here's what they had to say.

3) Brickell: Akashi Sushi owner Larry Chi has opened up a new Asian restaurant that is reportedly as delicious as his first. It's called Hannya and it's waiting patiently in Brickell to serve you.

4) Downtown Fort Lauderdale: The Restaurant People's YOLO Restaurant underwent a seven figure renovation, which means just about everything in there is brand spanking new. Check out exactly what's changed, including the new menus.
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