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Arquitectonica-Designed Financial Fortress Coming to Miami

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Finance guru Bruce Berkowitz has chosen Arquitectonica to design the new Miami headquarters of his multi-billion dollar company Fairholme Capital, and—instead of the standard glassy Arquitectonica fare—it looks like a futuristic fortress. Located at 2626 Biscayne Boulevard, in Edgewater, the inverted concrete pyramid with terrace slits is somewhat of an architectural contradiction, brutal yet not totally offensive, and very unlike anything in its vicinity. In fact it seems somewhat subtle (or maybe it's just the glittery effect in those renderings). Assuming the five-story building (with what seems to be a single level of underground parking) maintains a moderate height, it could be softened by landscaping (also by Arquitectonica) and its very own monolithic Richard Serra sculpture, a 216-ft. cortex steel slithering wall.

According to exMiami, the Fariholme headquarters will house a museum and have dedicated gallery spaces on both the ground and second level. The introduction of public program to an otherwise private project could work well in conjunction with a dedicated public plaza (with shade please!). In contrast to the somewhat intimidating exterior, the interiors appear bright, spacious, and clean, with the inverted-pyramid form orienting the entire structure towards the sky, and sun. The project is set to include a mechanized sunlight system on the roof that helps regulate natural light, as well as an LED-lit aluminum sculpture by James Turrel that will likely occupy the atrium space. As for the offices themselves, employees will enjoy a kitchen (with wine cellar, of course), a living area, and a "sky room" (whatever that means).—Margina Demmer


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