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Tour a 242-Square-Foot Apartment; 25 Priciest Homes in NYC

All the latest in tiny and expensive apartment news from Curbed NY...

[Photo by Max Touhey]

1) West Village: When you're looking for a Manhattan apartment for under $300,000 your options are, let's say, limited. But one young couple managed to land a tiny 242-square-foot apartment and, against all odds, turn it into something eminently livable. Spacious? No. But definitely delightful.

2) Manhattan: From a glassy, yet-to-be-built penthouse, to another glassy, yet-to-be-built penthouse, to a bunch of already-built-but-yet-to-be-combined glassy penthouses, to some enormous townhouses, here's a map of New York City's 25 most expensive homes that are currently on the market. The cheapest one is asking $44 million.

3) West Village: This townhouse looks like your average West Village townhouse — which is to say, dignified and beautiful — from the front, but the back is decked out with what one commenter referred to as a "Teletubbies paint scheme." It's asking $12 million.

4) Upper East Side: The Upper East Side, populated as it is by people like David Koch and his ilk, is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world, but it has never been thought of as "cool." But that's all changing now, says one writer who lives there and does not make a very compelling case.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]