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The Most Expensive Listing in the U.S. is a $139 Million House in Fort Lauderdale Called Le Palais Royal

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Hold on to your hat, the most expensive residential listing in the United States is now in Broward County and is a lavish 60,500 square foot estate in the final stages of construction in Hillsboro Beach, for a mindboggling $139 million price tag. The house is being called Le Palais Royal, and is inspired by (what else?) Versailles and other European palaces. That probably includes the actual Palais-Royal in Paris, to which it bears somewhat of a resemblance.

Designed by Miami-based architect Denio Madera, Le Palais Royal's list of superlative features is long and headache and/or envy inducing: 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, $2 million marble staircase, 22-carat gold leafed gate, subterranean garage for 30 cars, 18 seat IMAX home theater with a 50 foot wide screen, 4,500 square foot infinity pool, another pool in the "Presidential Suite" (what is this, a hotel?), three more master suites with jacuzzis in rotundas, kennels for guard dogs, and is on a plot of land that stretches from ocean to Intracoastal Waterway. And it's not even in Palm Beach.

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