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Paraiso Bayviews Launches Website, Has New Renderings

Paraiso Bayviews, the 44 story Karim Rashid-interior designed tower coming to the Related Group's Paraiso community, and the most mid-market of the three towers, has launched its website, with a variety of interior and exterior renderings. The exteriors we've seen before. The interiors, well, there aren't a ton of interiors, and the lobby's been floating around the internet a bit, but the entrance seems new, and so does the pool.

The building, which is the farthest of the four away from the bay, will have bay views over the much shorter, older building to the north of Paraiso. That building, the Bay Park Towers, is thirteen floors. So, any Paraiso unit below thirteen floors, or on the inland side of the building, meaning more than half of the units won't actually have bay views. Not that we're shocked. The building does have bay views, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles, isn't it? Anyways, check all the renderings out, after the jump.

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