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Will David Beckham Build His Stadium at Resorts World Miami?

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David Beckham may gain an unlikely partner, and their prime Downtown Miami site, for his major league soccer stadium. According to Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, he's been in talks with Genting for about to months to join forces and locate the stadium at the Resorts World Miami site. And of course it was all Sarnoff's idea: "I've invited Beckham to have a discussion with them because if you wanted to create a downtown stadium, that is a place where you can accomplish that," he said, while noting that Beckham has met with Genting executives in New York at least twice.

Meanwhile, although Genting seems to be taking its sweet time demolishing the old Miami Herald Building, and there was a temporary halt due to dust issues, "I think it is a much tougher building to take down than anyone really imagined" opined Sarnoff, which actually does kind of make sense. That place was a fortress.
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Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida

Resorts World Miami

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132