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21 More Photos of Art Deco, Before South Beach Came Back

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The Art Deco District has hundreds upon hundreds of great art deco buildings, most of them rather small, some fairly simple, and almost every one astonishingly unique. The Library of Congress' Historic American Buildings Survey of course goes beyond art deco, attempting to survey every historically contributing building within the Miami Beach Architectural District, but the fact that so few Mediterannean Revivals and early midcentury moderns (this was 1980, and the later midcentury was still a recent memory) intrude is a big part of why this district was always so unique. Before South Beach had boomed back to 'centerfold' status along with the new construction it brought, the Art Deco District really was almost entirely art deco. And it mostly still is. Do check out the 21 photos after the jump, and for the first 21 in this series, head over here.

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