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Beckham Peeps Not Currently Talking to Genting, Apparently

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In response to mucho media coverage last week about David Beckham being in talks with Genting to form a partnership and do a soccer stadium at Resorts World Miami (which would be the best location proposed by Becks yet, hands down) the Beckham peeps have issued this statement:

"Early on in the process of looking at sites, the Beckham team looked at the former Miami Herald property – which is a terrific location -- and spoke with Genting representatives. There's been no further discussions and none of late. Miami is our preferred choice and the Beckham team is working hard to give the people of the City what they want and deserve: a world class soccer team."

Soooo, umm, yeah. Can anybody spot the typo?
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Resorts World Miami

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132