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Key Biscayne's Mashta Point Will List for $60-Fricken-Million

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Mashta Point, originally built by William J. Matheson as his private cove and deepwater anchorage when he owned much of Key Biscayne, is hitting the market for a whopping $60 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. This makes it Mashta Point Dade County's most expensive listing, and will be Miami's most expensive residential sale ever if it gets near its asking price.

Matheson built himself a lavish Moorish house, known as Mashta House, on the southern arm of the cove back in 1917, but it was demolished at some point in the 1950s (coincidentally by Mackle Construction, owned by relatives of Curbed Miami's Editor, Sean McCaughan). Mashta House was known for its fabulous parties, and was said to host the likes of the Vanderbilts, Carnagies, and Mellons during the Roaring 20s, who would alight from their yachts waiting in the cove. In the 1990s Mashta House was replaced by the current house, built on the northern arm of the cove, a 12,000 square foot boxy beige house, with (if we're counting right) five floors, an elevator, six bedrooms, eight baths, a pool, and a gazebo. Of course the real allure of the property is the land, a long hook-shaped peninsula at the tip of Mashta Island, and that cove. Ohhh that cove.

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