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Who The Hell Really Owns Dmitri Rybolovlev's $100M House?

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The curious circumstances surrounding the oceanfront estate at 515 N. County Road in Palm Beach, a house which holds the record for most expensive residential sale in Palm Beach history at an obscene $100 million, and who may or may not actually own it, started to come to light at a deposition in London, according to the Palm Beach Post. Of course put together a secretive Russian fertilizer oligarch, a palatial house, $100 million, and an ex-wife out to get her fare share, and is any of this really that surprising? And who the hell owns Dimitri Rybolovlev's 515 N. County Road?

1. Dmitri Rybolovlev is thought to have bought 515 N. County Road in 2008 from Donald Trump for $100 million.

2. Rybolovlev insists he doesn't own the house because the purchase was "an investment in real estate by one of the companies of which I have an interest."

3. In 2011, he claimed to not own the house at all, "directly or indirectly", meaning he had no connection to the trusts for the house. At the time, Donald Trump replied "Well, somebody paid me $100 million for the house."

4. At different times Rybolovlev has supposedly stated and then denied that he pays the taxes and the upkeep on the house.

5. Technically, according to Swiss courts, his assets, including those in trusts, are supposed to be frozen until after the divorce, but he counters that doesn't including anything outside Switzerland.
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