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North Beach's Canyon Ranch is Now the Carillon Hotel, Again

The Canyon Ranch hotel/spa/condo megacomplex has been plagued by problems, drama, and general nastiness in its relatively short lifespan. A planned expansion into the Golden Sands property next door belly-flopped. The developer was in on a Ponzi scheme. And that affiliation with Lehman Bros. certainly didn't help.

So maybe it's no surprise that "due to circumstances outside of our control, specifically related to the ongoing disputes between the condominium associations, the former property owner and Canyon Ranch" (so, basically everybody) Canyon Ranch has left the building, entirely, according to an email sent to residents, which a tipster forwarded to Curbed. The structure's historical name, the Carillon Hotel & Spa, is back (it was built in the shell of an old midcentury resort) while they spruce up the joint and look for a new hotel flag to adopt the joint.

January 9, 2015 Dear Homeowner –

We write to update you as to the status of Z Capital Partners acquisition of the Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa. I am pleased to report that, while we are working through licensing and administrative matters, we expect to close our purchase very soon.

Immediately upon closing, the property will initially be renamed "The Carillon Hotel & Spa" and will be managed by a new joint venture created by Z Capital, together with Adrian Zecha, founder of Amanresorts and GHM Hotels, Ltd, and Jonathan Breene, developer and creator of The Setai, South Beach. We plan on retaining the entire on-site Canyon Ranch employee team. Once we have had the opportunity to refresh some of the spaces on the property, we will fully rebrand later this year and launch a new five-star flag operated by our joint venture. With my background managing properties such as The Breakers in Palm Beach, each partner to this venture brings years of experience building tremendous value at similar world-class resorts. We are committed to creating a world-class property for you. I look forward to working with our team of proven industry-leaders, with global and local market expertise, and I am confident that we will capitalize on our collective depth and knowledge to elevate this unique and exceptional oceanfront resort.

As we communicated previously, we had hoped to retain Canyon Ranch at the property. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, specifically related to the ongoing disputes between the condominium associations, the former property owner and Canyon Ranch, retaining Canyon Ranch at this property was not a viable option. However, we are deeply committed to maintaining the property's fundamental character and lifestyle that you originally invested in.

We have been working in tandem with the on-site Canyon Ranch team and are jointly meeting today with all hotel employees. Retaining these employees will help smooth the transition for homeowners and guests alike. We will ensure that all hotel operations, including a new website, online and telephone reservations systems and more will be up and running from day one so there are no disturbances to you or our guests. We will make every effort to make this transition seamless.

We respect that this oceanfront resort is unlike any other in that it boasts unparalleled luxury amenities, including a renowned spa facility and a first-class gym, as well as a variety of diverse fitness activities. We will not only continue to offer all of these amenities, but also will expand them to incorporate new lifestyle elements, services and upgrades for residents and guests. We are confident that we can enhance previous offerings for your benefit by thoughtfully incorporating touches from Adrian Zecha's incomparable properties with treatments and services infusing a holistic approach to wellness of the mind and body that has been mastered through the ages. We continue to see various areas that can be improved to meet the five-star, world-class standard we envision for this property. Among these are:

Redefining and enhancing the restaurant offerings to satisfy the discerning palates of refined diners, yet remain true to the health conscious lifestyle.

Developing a viable retail destination along Collins Avenue to be consistent with the property's status and lifestyle.

Revitalizing the hair salon, whether by our own experienced team, or through an arrangement with an upscale, branded salon operator.

I would like to thank all of you for your support and efforts over the last several months. We look forward to continuing to work constructively with the homeowner associations and unit owners to not only maintain the fundamental health and wellness character of this unrivaled property, but also enhance its elegance and standards. We are absolutely committed to a smooth ownership transition and providing real-time visibility, with honest and transparent communications, as soon as our operating team gets underway. We know that this lengthy sale process, particularly the involvement of a bankruptcy court, has been frustrating and hope that you share our enthusiasm for a resolution that moves this unparalleled property forward and stands to significantly benefit all constituents.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue to provide us with your concerns, questions and thoughts.


Thomas Wicky
Managing Director and Operating Partner
Z Capital Partners, LLC

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