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The New River's 'Little Florida' is on The Market for $4 Million

Little Florida, the spot where Fort Lauderdale's winding New River is at its wind-iest, is on the market for $3.898 million. Basically, this local landmark in the boating-centric city is a house with a lushly planted peninsula backyard in the shape of Florida, formed by the river.

The swimming pool is Lake Okeechobee, and the house is on a little dogleg resembling the Florida panhandle, except that it's backwards, with the panhandle to the right (which would be east, although in this case it's actually north, because Little Florida is not oriented in the same compass direction as actual Florida) of the peninsula rather than the left (likewise west, or south). The house itself, although historic, from 1937, honestly doesn't look like much.

· 900 SW 5th Place [Redfin]