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This is Architect Allan Shulman's Plan to Revamp Ocean Drive

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The latest incarnation of the plan to overhaul the touristy mess (or vibrant melange of humanity, depending on your point of view) that is Ocean Drive involves 'tabletopping' or elevating the entire automotive street bed to the level of the sidewalks so as to blur the borders between pedestrian zone and car zone, install waist-height poles to bring those borders back, and cover the whole whole thing in a bold pattern, because it's still Ocean Drive.

Architect Allan Shulman presented the idea, as drawn up by his office, at a meeting of the Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board last month, according to The Next Miami. A number of other less-imaginative ideas are also still in play, including merely widening and reconfiguring the sidewalk, while more optimistic plans, like closing Ocean Drive to traffic all together, have already been tossed out completely. So, at this point it's still any plan's game.

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