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Historic Edifice to be Rebuilt at Lincoln Road's Britto Store

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The building that houses artist Romero Britto's longtime Lincoln Road store, which is a rather drab storefront for an artist of colorful paintings of smiling stick figures, is being replaced by an entirely new structure that replicates the streamline moderne facade that was originally built there in 1935 and designed by seminal Miami architect Russell Pancoast. The building's shinny black stonework (somebody should make sure that's not actually Vitrolite. It looks like it could be Vitrolite*), chrome details, and radiated glass display windows will all be replicated.

In addition to the above, the Next Miami reports that in the back the architects, STA Architecture Group, are adding an entirely new three-level retail structure meant to activate the alleyway in a matching, but different, funky deco design. It will be set back from Lincoln Road to preserve its historic character. No word yet on whether or not Britto will remain the tenant, but the renderers threw a Britto image in the store's window, for whatever that's worth.

*UPDATE: It turns out the facade WAS Vitrolite, a specific kind of colored glass that went out of production a long time ago. Glass with a black film backing will be used to replicate the Vitrolite look.

· Lincoln Road's Britto Central to be demolished, rebuilt [The Next Miami]