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The Design District's North Half Will Be Called Paradise Plaza

With the south half of the new retail at the Design District substantially completed, and new stores continually opening (we hear Burberry opened just a few days ago), Dacra is naturally turning its sights to the north half. Of course, some details like the Jeanne Gang-designed residential building, the Museum Garage, and the art museum that it will be built next to, have already been revealed. Now, new maps being handed out by the District's network of valet stands ($3 flat rate! H/T to Brian Bandell), but not yet reflected on the district's website, hint a little more at the future of the area. The main pedestrian drag, the Paseo Ponti, will terminate at an area to be called Paradise Plaza. Oh, and the map says it's "opening in 2016", but considering construction hasn't even begun on anything besides periphery buildings, well... maybe by Basel?

UPDATE: When asked just now about the 2016 opening, Dacra's Craig Robins said "We are on track to achieving that timing."
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