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The Painstaking Replication of Bucky Fuller's Fly's Eye Dome

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There are two Fly's Eye Domes in Miami; almost identical twins that were originally designed by the seminal 20th century architect and futurist R. Buckminster Fuller as mass-producable, technologically advanced housing. Bucky's prototypes, however, never went far beyond being just prototypes. Geodesic houses didn't blanket the earth, and a single house-sized Fly's Eye Dome, one of only a couple ever made, eventually landed in the personal collection of the Design District's Craig Robins. It's now (temporarily) at the Perez Art Museum Miami, while its clone is the centerpiece of the Design District's brand new Palm Court.

With input from the Buckminster Fuller Institute, the original was restored by Goetz Composites, who then went on to make a brand-new duplicate for Robins, utilizing newer fabrication methods. The Architect's Newspaper blog explores this application of new of materials and methods, used to make another copy of an 'old' artifact of creative genius.

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