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The Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year is the MiMo District

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For a while, the race seemed pretty tight, with the MiMo Historic District and Coconut Grove neck-to-neck, but in the end the MiMo District prevailed with 738 votes to Coconut Grove's 633 to become the 2014 Neighborhood of the Year. An historic collection of MiMo architecture is the them for the MiMo District, where life is good. Just off Biscayne Boulevards is everything from cute garden apartments to large, historic estates. The Vagabond Motel was meticulously restored and reopened, which developer Avra Jain is following with other midcentury revivals. This was found under a 1970s facade. The street has come alive with new shops and restaurants. Oh, and the building that is finally filling that empty lot on 57th Street will actually look really good.
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