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Very Subtropical Mod Miami House Ties for the Architects Newspaper's "House of the Year"

Local architect and University of Miami Assistant Professor Jacob Brillhart and his wife, architect Melissa Brillhart built their dream home in the quiet, historic Miami River neighborhood of Spring Garden. Designed be sustainable and reflective of local vernacular, the Brillhart House tied with another house, in Big Sur, for the Architect's Newspaper's "Best of Design: Single Family House".

One of the judges described it as "It's almost Jean Prouvé like—the house as machine, but not in the Corbu sense." They combined the principles of Tropical Modernism, along with traditional design typologies, like the Dog Trot house, to create the final design. For a more in-depth look, the Brillharts kept up a blog about the house, tracking the progress of construction, here.

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