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South Beach's Gale Hotel is Expanding to Ft. Lauderdale Beach

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Menin Hospitality, is working with Newgard Development Group, to take Menin's Gale South Beach hotel and expand the brand to include a new property that will include condos, the Gale Fort Lauderdale Boutique Hotel & Residences.

The Miami Herald talked to the developers. Just like the Gale South Beach, which doesn't have residential, the project will combine historic buildings with new construction. In South Beach two low-rise art deco hotels were combined, with a few levels of new residential added on top, a formula which at first Curbed hated, and then Curbed loved. According to renderings of the Gale Fort Lauderdale, the low-rise historic hotel structure will have a much taller (twelve story, 128-unit) residential tower added in back. So, we'll see how that turns out...

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