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This is Renzo Piano's Design for the Biltmore Terrace Site

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Demolition of the old Biltmore Terrace at 87th Street and Collins Avenue began earlier this month, pretty much sealing the Morris Lapidus-designed hotel's fate. Developers Terra Group have just submitted plans to the Miami Beach Design Review Board for its replacement, an as-yet-unnamed, minimalist, pill-shaped seventeen floor condo tower designed by starchitect Renzo Piano (Kobi Karp is the architect of record).

Completely eschewing the hotel portion of the project, which Terra had originally planned, the tower will have a mere 64 very luxurious units. The ground level, with landscaping designed by West 8, is designed to give the appearance that the North Shore Open Space Park, to the south, is continued on the north side of the building, by the use of a private garden. The pool is placed on the ocean side, preserving this flow. Parking is totally underground, echoing a trend also seen at other towers like Jade Signature, and Faena House, leaving the ground level for green space. Finally, delivery truck and utility access for the building is rather ingeniously hidden in a low outbuilding on the north side of the property.

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