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Remembering the Orange Bowl, Home to Five Super Bowls

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Built in 1937, the Miami Orange Bowl played host to a whopping five Super Bowls in its long and storied lifetime, including Super Bowl II in 1968. (Miami has played host to ten Super Bowls alltogether). Super Bowls III, V, X, and XIII were also played there. The Orange Bowl was also the home of the Miami Dolphins for their first twenty one years in existance, and the longtime home of the Miami Hurricanes college football team. And, of course, it was the home of the Orange Bowl, which, along with the Sugar Bowl and the Sun Bowl, are the second oldest bowl games in the country.

Originally called Burdine Stadium, it was renamed in 1959, and had various expansions over the years that saw its seating capacity stretch from 23,330 to 72,319. In its waning years, the Orange Bowl was also temporary home to thousands of Marielitos (Cuban refugees from the port of Mariel), which John and Jacky Kennedy visited. And, of course, it was the setting for a movie about Marielitos starring Marisa Tomei, called 'The Perez Family'. And Ace Ventura Pet Detective was filmed there. The Orange Bowl waas demolished in 2008, and was replaced by Marlins Park.

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Miami Orange Bowl

1501 NW 3rd Street, Miami, FL