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Northern Expansion of I-95 Express Lanes to Begin ASAP

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Construction on Phase II of I-95's Lexus Lanes, err 'Express Lanes', into Broward County is beginning now, with the lanes (along with additional entrances and exits) slated to open this spring. "Those plastic divider poles could start popping up this month" says WLRN, which interviewed the spokeswoman for Phase II. It's a tad bit complicated, but basically whereas south of the Golden Glades Interchange there is one set of entrances and exits, and then another exit just north of the interchange, that last exit will be switched to an entrance, with the exit moved north to Ives Dairy Road, and then another set of entrances and exits in Broward County, ending at Davie Boulevard. And that's just going northbound. It'll basically be the exact same thing, but in reverse, going south. There's a map over at WLRN.
· What to expect from Broward's upcoming I-95 express lanes [WLRN]