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On Blue's B-Day, Jay & Bey Eye David Beckham's Miami Team

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As Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrate the third birthday of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter today, the music stars are reportedly considering an investment in David Beckham's year-in-the-making-and-still-zilch Miami soccer franchise and, according to some sources but not others, rumors are that other celebrities like Tom Cruise and Will Smith may be on board too.

It's all very he-said, she-said at the moment, but the Miami New Times says it could be an investment of as much as $100 million, and quotes Jay-Z as saying to the Britain Daily Star:

Everybody knows my passion for sports and people know that I am not just a fan, but an investor. "I have never really thought about investing in a soccer franchise but if anybody is going to get me to invest it's going to be David. I hope he gets everything sorted to get this franchise off the ground. If he wants investment, we are good friends, he has my number. I trust David. It would be exciting going into business with him. · Jay-Z rumored to invest $100 million in Beckham's soccer team [New Times]
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