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The Only Private House* South-of-Fifth Lists for $15 Million

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Surrounded by million dollar condos in one of the most expensive real estate markets in Miami, and certainly the neighborhood that sets the bar for everywhere else, sits one... (and only one as far as we can tell*) fully detached single family house. At 222 Ocean Drive, Shareef Malnik (owner of The Forge restaurant) has owned it for two decade, and listed it in December with Dora Puig for $14.995 million. Although Malnik tells the Wall Street Journal he was going for the "contemporary beach house" feel for the house, with two renovations and a three-story rear addition, the 7,056 square foot mansion is an amalgamation of an historic 1930s Mediterranean Revival house with very contemporary sensibilities. Oh, and a rooftop pool.

UPDATE: As one commenter says, there appear to be at least one or two other private houses South-of-Fifth: "One on 4th and Jefferson and the other directly on Washington Ave."

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