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Building in Room for Fashion: Designer Khan Wants to Move In

Never say that Miami doesn't give you anything. At least on the fashion front.

Women's evening wear designer, Naeem Khan, applied for a $1.5 million grant from Miami-Dade country to help fund a relocation of his business, NKMIA LLC, from New York. The county looks all to pleased to approve this request. For one, the move from New York, where most all designers are located, would shift Miami's role to one of an incubator to develop companies in the industry.

In 2014, he leased 1175 Northwest South River Drive as part of his long-term plan to relocated HQ, manufacturing operations, and about 50 $50,000 salary jobs. That $1.5 million would apply toward infrastructure upgrades.

The facility would house a design studio, management offices, shipping warehouse, showroom, cafeteria, and guest designer space.

The money comes from county's Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond Program, a voter-approved program funded by property taxes.

According to the application: "The facility will convey the aesthetic and lifestyle of the brand and will house all major functions that support business operations. Design, innovative manufacturing, and business management will be cultivated in the 30,000 square feet of studio space along the Miami River."

But, here's the gotcha: there are 10 previous applicants who are already slated for a piece of that bond program money. Khan will only receive the $1.5 million if one of the other 10 applicants ultimately disqualifies. Chances look good for Khan: at least six require additional negotiations with the county or approval of a lease.

If all goes well, the facility would open summer 2018. Fashion-forward urban planning fanatics: cross your fingers.

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