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Coming Soon: Know What Color Architecture Sounds Like

Architecture often evokes thought of how the discipline is a balance of art and science. The wonders of impressive structures certainly need both sides to inspire. An interactive project slated for November 10-15 intends to extend that concept with technology, lights, and orchestrated music.

NEWT, a public art installation in downtown Miami, is Inspired by Isaac Newton's theory that each primary color has a corresponding musical note. To fully illustrate that concept, NEWT will use the InterContinental Hotel's digital wall as its canvas of color and sound. Instead of its usual image of a provocatively-dancing woman, syncopated lights and animation will sync up with correlating musical notes.

The InterContinental's 19-story, 364 s.f. facade can be seen from vantage points throughout Miami, including Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, and the Children's Museum. The idea is to open access to diverse communities a whimsical series of dynamic shapes and hues.

Can't make it to Miami during those days? No problem. The audio component will also available as a live-stream for smartphones. Several pop-up events will accompany the project.

Co-creators Dejha Carrington and Kelly Nunes won the 2015 Public Space Challenge, a program by The Miami Foundation, which provided the forum to bring this project to life.

Though you can still donate to the cause via Kickstarter, the project is underway since its reached its $10,000 goal.

Until November comes, you can preview the experience via video.

NEWT Miami: Experiments in Light, Color & Sound from carrington projects on Vimeo.

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