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Sophisticated, Swanky Bachelor / Bachelorette Pad Asks $535K

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photos Redfin

The 24th floor awaits a stylish, bachelor to fill its sleek, chic space. Dark espresso-colored floors, marble baths (best feature of the place), Italian cabinets (that presumably house extensive closet space)...all of these open onto a hypnotic view of the water, which awaits with the promise of achievement and taking over the world. The balcony, perhaps, is the most magnetically attractive element of living in Miami, because it shows a great deal of what you found most enticing about the city in the first place.
The Plaza building has 56 floors, and 1,054 s.f. of it can go toward ownership.

Move right in to with some sleek midcentury furniture. If you don't have any furniture yet, then enjoy the common room area or go to the gym. Make some new friends and stay out all night. Repeat. Enjoy.

· 950 Brickell Bay Dr #2406
Miami, FL 33131 [Redfin]