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Walmart Gets the Green Light with a Demolition Permit

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Walmart, the king of rollback pricing seems to be rolling forward with their plan to build a store in Midtown. The city got a demo permit for the site, which is a major coup and momentum builder for their cause. TNM staff reports that they applied for a phased construction permit, which they need to lay the foundation.

After being fought by neighborhood activists and lawsuits, Walmart has not wavered in its commitment to opening. Their plans had included a three-story, 203,000-square-foot superstore, which would accompany nearby big box stores Target and Ross.

One case is pending in the Third District Court of Appeals. While some feel that Walmart would change the character of the neighborhood, others think that the convenience of a value-priced store is worthwhile. The battle continues.

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Midtown Walmart

2901 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida