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You Can Live in a Home That Always Gleams in Portofino Tower

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photos by Brown Harris Stevens

Ever lived in a home that could assure you how spotlessly clean it was, where it gleamed in the sunlight? For the perfectionist in all of us, this unit is a standout. Everything is reflective and white--a glittering canvas.

This house may be too perfect, really--those glass tiles will gladly reveal any iota of untidiness. The sleek furniture with pops of primary color add a nice, though arguably expected, are the right touch of what this home should have. The beautiful bathtub is the most significant symbol of just-too-perfect: with its wondrous vista, it looks like the ideal set for a pharmaceutical commercial that promises the fulfillment of an enhanced life.

The bells and whistles of this 3-bedroom 18th floor unit also include smart home iPad control. Should you care to follow the aesthetic of this $4,050,000 property, that iPad should be a clean, gleaming white.

· 300 S Pointe Dr, Unit 1803, Miami Beach, FL 33139 [Zilbert]