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Traditional Home in Coconut Grove Asks Exactly $3,698,888

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Traditionalists, this one's for you. A country home in the French tradition came on the market in the heart of Coconut Grove.

One of the best features of this home, listed as being built in 1935, is in the kitchen. A refrigerator with a clear glass front allows you see exactly what you have to eat--or throw away. It's not for everyone, perhaps--if you're not into the beauty of food, then this may not be the biggest selling point. But closet space abounds, and props for the smart use of crown molding as a stately shelf in the children's room.

Asking $3,698,888, which is an awfully precise asking price. At least it doesn't go down to cents.

· 3599 N Moorings Way, Coconut Grove, FL [Redfin]