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First EVEN Hotel in Southeast to Open in Miami; Not Odd at All

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Good news, for those that like variety in where they want to stay. Epelboim Development Group, in partnership with InterContinental Hotels Group, are developing the southeast's first EVEN Hotel in the Palmer Lake section of the Miami International Airport.

What does EVEN, well, even mean? It means balance, so that at all times, even when you're stressed (which inevitable happens when traveling), you'll be back on sure footing. Cue up the eucalyptus fiber bedding, and the Cork and Kale bar (real products).

Other locations are firmly entrenched in other regions, such as the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, including Rockville, MD, and Norwalk, CT. Other locations are coming to NYC, Seattle, and Omaha, NE. Here in Miami, the 189-room hotel should hit the market by 2018.

· First EVEN Hotel in the Southeast to open in Miami [SFBJ]

Miami International Airport (MIA)

2100 NW 42nd Ave., Miami, FL 33142