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What Scary Movie Do People in Our City Search for Most?

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Truly, there are many things to fear: increasing rent, surging costs of living, and delays on I95. But if we were to translate that fear to our tastes in movies, what title would emerge on top? Turns out that the folks at Halloween Express decided to explore that very question.

Using data from IMDB's list of the highest-rated horror films with 1,000 votes or more and analyzing it with Google Trends, they put together a infographic showing what movies us resident city dwellers love to terrify themselves with.

In Miami, the horror film that is most popularly searched for is reflective of the city's reputation for parties.

Yes, it's Carrie, the 1976 disco-era cult classic that had over $34 million in box office sales. A party ain't a party unless there are people drenched in blood. Interestingly, the top choice in Orlando is Mike Myer's Halloween of 1978.

If you're wondering what the top horror film is in the country, then just look to the dark skies above for the answer. It's Alien.

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