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Miami Has 8th Highest Rent in U.S., Prices Dip 1.1% Last Month

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Rent ain't cheap in Miami. And if you need data to back that up when talking to friends from other cities, then here's your treat. According to Zumper, Miami was the 8th most expensive rental market in the country last month, with a median one bedroom at $1,850 and median two bedroom at $2,500.

The most expensive area? It's no surprise: Fisher Island at $4,650 for a one bedroom. That same space in Park West would cost $2,740.

Looking for something on the cheaper side of town? More affordable options around $700-$1,500 can be found further inland, such as Flagler ($1,200), Little Haiti ($1,080), or Gladeview ($750).

Well, regardless of which neighborhood you're in, you're still getting a better deal that folks in cities like San Francisco, NYC, Boston, DC, and Chicago. It's all relative.

And if you don't care about the plights of renters in other cities, then here's another consolation prize. Rents overall in Miami dropped 1.1% last month, so technically, if you're signing a lease now, life has gotten ever so slightly more affordable.

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