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Jules Trump Talks About the Upcoming Estates at Acqualina

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The other Trump real estate family, Jules and Eddie Trump, have been quite busy with their Estates at Acqualina in Sunny Isles. The 264 ultra-luxury homes are scheduled for completion in 2019, with prices ranging from $3.9 million to $40 million.

The amenities are pretty attractive for multiple generations to enjoy: indoor ice skating, bowling, a Formula One simulator, a Flow-Rider pool with perpetual waves for surfing, and others. For the serious financial players, a live Wall Street trader's club room with real-time info on global markets is coming. A signature world-class restaurant, quarter-mile walking and jogging path are also on the docket. All this for just 264 families.

The Estates have a wide variety of living options, including penthouses and single-family homes with walk-outs directly to the ocean.

As you know, the Mansions at Acqualina has been completed, received its TCO (Temporary Certificate of Occupancy), and is ready for move-in. What's next?

Well, if you ask Jules, the next thing needed is better infrastructure for public-private initiatives, including mass transit. And investment in tourism for the arts, fashion, and cultural events. As well as attraction through tax incentives of businesses in growing industries like tech, healthcare, and finance. That will bring young, creative professionals in.

True, Jules, very true.

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Mansions At Acqualina

17749 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida