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A Tale of Immigrants: Which Nationalities Over Time Ruled?

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Miami is virtually synonymous with the Spanish language, because of the residents who immigrated here with their lengua in tow. But if you rolled the clock back a few decades, you'd hear a some more unexpected accents around you. Thanks to the Pew Research Center, their interactive map reminds us of what Miami is made of.

So who are some of the first place nationalities?

1850: Ireland. The Irish went everywhere on the East coast as the effects of the Potato Famine ravaged their country.

1860: the Bahamas took first place.

1870: Germany overruled everyone and flooded Florida in addition to the usual midwest.

1880: Cuba won first place.

1940: the United Kingdom reigned.

1970-Present: Cuba edges everyone else out again.

· Interactive Map Reminds Us Florida Has Always Been a Land of Caribbean Immigrants [New Times]
· From Ireland to Germany to Italy to Mexico: How America's Source of Immigrants Has Changed in the States, 1850–2013 [Pew Research Center]