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Developers Want Approval for Medical Hotel in Little Havana

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The medical tourism sector will get a boost if Omega Grid Development Group's project gets the green light. If so, there will be a 44-room hotel, Med Inn Suites & Residences, that exists specifically for recovering hospital patients.

If the permit is secured as expected, construction would begin in November 2015 and take about 14 months after breaking ground.

It's come a long way from Colombian developer Alfredo Acosta's first steps into the project. When he conceived of the idea, he had turned to crowdfunding capital sources on The minimum contribution was $20,000.

This would be the first medical hotel of its kind, because it could house out-of-town patients, medical professionals, and their family members who fly into the city for treatment.

Patients who are from out of state, or a different country, are obviously ideal, since they wouldn't have a home nearby to go to. Every room has two or more beds, and the smallest is 528 s.f. for two or more people. The largest is 610 s.f. for four or more people.

A successful hotel of this kind would have an alliance as with hospitals in the Miami Health District as a recommended place to stay, once discharged.

The location of this hospital hotel would be within two miles of the Miami Dade College Medical Center Campus, Holtz Children's Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital and University of Miami Hospital.

This would be the first location for the brand. If successful, it would scale out to other cities.

MasterCon, the general contractor is working with Itec Design as architect.

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