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Perkins+Will Gets an Award for their Buildings in Miami

Architecture firm Perkins+Will has really shot up through the ranks in recognition, having achieved the fifth slot (up from 20 last year) in the top 50 architecture firms by Architect Magazine. They're rated fourth in design.

Two of their works include the University of Florida Clinical Translational Research Building (pictured above), and the Florida International University Science Classroom Complex-Academic Health Center Four.

As for the UF building, Perkins+Will cites inspiration by the principles of Edward O. Wilson 's Biophilia Hypothesis, which believes in an instinctive human affinity for natural systems and processes. After understanding the environmental forces of the site, as well as the surrounding context which includes wetlands, wooded gardens, a parking structure and a cogeneration plant, they were able to form the site strategies. The result is a building that provides sustainable healing, working and educational environments. Completed in 2013, the cost was $35 million.

The FIU building (above) was also completed in 2013 at a cost of $42 million. As a gateway to the Academic Health Sciences Center district within FIU's main campus, it had to create opportunities for collaboration. For this reason, the lab and research space is completely flexible, allowing departments to expand and contract as needed. The building's exterior design looks as if it can naturally do this. With the netting design, the barriers are permeable and can breathe, inhaling new ideas from the outside. The building is currently tracking LEED Gold Certification.

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