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Inside the Most Expensive, Exclusive Zip Code of Miami Beach

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A zip code is veiled socioeconomic code, with which we infer much about a person who lives within its confines. Just five digits can reveal hints about Income, education level, hobbies, political leanings, and more. Not that those clues can't be wrong.

But Esri, a market research company, has built a website that examines broad swaths of a people within a postal area--like Fisher Island's 33109, which happens to be Florida's most expensive zip code and the nation's sixth priciest (the others above it are in NY, CO, and CA). Forbes reports that the median price of homes is $5,560,077, with an average of 47 days on market and 63 in inventory.

So, what are the people who live in these homes like? Is there a type? Esri thinks so. And if you are neither one of those people, nor do you know anyone who does, then read on to get their broadly personal information.

The folks of suburban 33109 are dubbed the Silver and Gold set. Which means...silver hair with lots of gold in their asset portfolios? Perhaps. With an average age of 60.6 (compared to an average of 38.7 for the county and 41.5 for the state), Esri describes these folks as affluent retirees who are enjoying the fruits of their labor and investments. Since the website reports the area's median income is $61,000, it seems that the affluent are dipping into existing nest eggs to live well. As a counterpoint, census data of 2010 lists median income as $200,000 with Fisher Island having the highest per capita income of any place in the country.

They drive luxury cars, but also donate to charities...because they're good people, of course. They contract for home maintenance services to prevent chores from impinging upon their social life of travel, golf, and boating. These folks are up on their news, which they'd read on an e-reader or tablet.

So, there you have it--a responsible group of people that's probably not too unlike yourself. A good type of person to be, or at least have as a trusted friend or family member. Because then you could stay in their home and enjoy their company to get a true nuance of a person, rather than statistics. Go introduce yourself and get to know someone.

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