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How So Few Letters Can Have Such Big Impact on Miami

Three letters can mean so much. TPS reports, mean nothing but empty business jargon, unless you're an Office Space fan. Others, like IRS, cause a knee-jerk reaction of nervousness. Still yet are those, like GDP, that mean little until they're qualified by context. Besides standing for gross domestic product, it has a bit more meaning.

And for Miami, those letters add up to big results, producing about $400 billion of economic output one of the top five states that, together with California, Texas, New York, and Illinois, has contributed about 40% of overall GDP for the country. And we've grown by about 3% since last year, all according to cost analysis website How Much.

What's GDP got to do with real estate? Plenty, and at a macro level that affects us all. Increases in factors like GDP and job creation have a big impact on consumer confidence and home buyer demand.

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