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Zoning Changes Proposed Drive Some to Go Berserk

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Uh, oh. There's trouble in paradise. Miami 21 zoning code goes to vote for a final say by the city commission, which will affect minimum and maximum lot sizes for development in the city.

Zones T4 and T5, which include neighborhoods like Little Havana, have minimums that jump to 10,000 s.f. from a thousand or so.

Brickell in T6 will not have development on lots smaller than 20,000 s.f., which is a huge shift up from the current standard floor of 5,000 s.f.

The zoning code claims that it is following the tenets of New Urbanism and Smart Growth, but is it helping everyone? For people that own lots smaller than the new minimum, this could be quite troublesome, as the freedom they may have thought they'd had will be gone.

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