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World Traveling Jeff Koons Sculpture Makes a Shiny New Debut

What's tall and shiny and hard as steel? The latest work by Jeff Koons, unveiled at Bal Harbour Shops and Oceana Bal Harbour, of course. Standing at 11 feet tall, it is the only museum piece on public display in the city.

It's only on loan, so it won't be here forever. Just through this spring. And it's already spoken for, so don't try to buy it, just because it's at the outdoor shopping mall. Billionaire real estate mogul and MALBA museum-founder Eduardo Costantini, who generously bought it for the residents of Oceana Bal Harbour.

In fall 2016, it will permanently stay in the 60-foot-tall grand central breezeway of luxury residence, Oceana Bal Harbour. Residents of the 240-unit condo, where prices start at $3 million, will collectively own the sculpture, along with another Koons piece, "Ballerina," both purchased as part of the assets of the project. It is the first residential development in the Miami area to feature Koons sculptures.

This statue, named Pluto and Proserpina, been around. It debuted at the Whitney Museum in New York City, and then traveled across the ocean to the Pompidou in Paris, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, and shockingly in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio next to the statue of David. Who is also tall and rock hard--but not shiny.

Bal Harbour Shops

9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour, FL 33154