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Everybody Needs to Escape Miami for a Bit. Why not try Belize?

You can get to another land quickly by jet, ship, or car. To escape to Belize from Miami, you can drive 49 hours, fly for two hours and change, or float over in about 5.25 hours. Why might you consider that? To check out some properties, of course.

Miami-based developer Colin Hannan of Foundry Collective broke ground on Itz'ana Resort and Residences in Placencia,
Belize. With the 20-room resort set to open in December 2016, there will also be 22 villas and 17 one-bedroom loft cottages (out of 39 total homes) delivered in 2017. In a show of support for the destination, over 50% of the villas are now under contract. "When we came to Belize 10 years ago, we knew that that it would become a world-class destination because of its natural beauty, culture and proximity to major markets," says Hannan. Prices range from $295,000 to over $1 million. Ready to jet out of the Miami for a bit?
·Itz/ana Belize [official website]