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Little Haiti Blossoming as Wynwood Rents Soar

Credit: Averette [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Little Haiti appears to be following in the footsteps of Wynwood as Miami's next prominent neighborhood for art and real estate.

The New York Times ran a feature on the subject matter this week, with Brett Sokol writing the "signs of Little Haiti's impending transformation are everywhere."
The source can be attributed to the surging value of real estate in Wynwood, with rent tripling to as much as $60 a square foot in the area in the last four years. Artists are being priced out and their sights have turned to Little Haiti, which covers the majority of a three-mile stretch east of I-95 running from 195 to Little River.

The difference with Little Haiti, as Sokol notes, is artists and gallery owners are now buying instead of renting, which should help preserve the area's independence as its artistic roots take hold.

As the 14th edition of Art Basel arrives in South Florida next week, a new era in the Miami art world is being carved in Little Haiti.

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