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Miami Dolphins Want $90M In Tax Rebates for Sun Life Stadium Renovation

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It seems that every year, another Miami sports team needs money. SFBJ reports the Dolphins have formally requested that the Florida Legislature refund $3M a year in a taxes. Owner Stephen Ross and the NFL have funded the majority of the $350M construction on the Miami Gardens stadium up this point. Florida is very friendly to sports franchises, having passed a law that allows stadium projects that balloon to over $200M are to be reviewed for rebates. In addition to the possible rebates, the Dolphins already have Miami-Dade County on the hook for $5M-30M in incentives, depending on how many large-scale events it brings to the city. The stadium was constructed in 1987, and plans include a snazzy new roof to block the sun from blinding fans while they watch their football, new lighting and and better seat placement. The Dolphins have also claimed they will create 3,400 jobs annually, though analysts believe that stadiums only create low-income jobs. - Jonathan Peltz
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