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Florida Predictably Ranks No. 1 in 'Careless Driving'

photo via YDR

To the surprise of no one, the state of Florida paced the nation in 'Careless Driving.' What is shocking is the Sunshine State actually ranked in the bottom half of America in an overall study of the worst drivers in the country. How is this possible when driving down South Florida highways can be likened to Mad Max: Fury Road?

Florida ranked a staggering 32nd overall among states with the worst drivers according to a new study by Car Insurance Comparison.

For the five categories, Florida ranked first in Careless Driving, 16th in Fatalities Rate, 29th in Failure to Obey (traffic signals, seat belts, etc), 41st in Drunk Driving, and 51st in Speed. Florida was tied for 24th in the same study a year ago so cheers to improvement.

The five worst driving states in the study this year were Montana, South Carolina, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana.

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