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Marquesa Hotel Is Planning for a Royal $10M Expansion

Tomorrow, the owners of the boutique Marquesa Hotel, which is currently a compound of four buildings, will present their plans for expansion to the city, which include a 14-room annex.

The Real Deal reports that Inter-Ocean Holdings acquired two properties that comprise the Pilot House Guesthouse in August for $4.2 million. While they converted the 1884 conch houses to the 27-room Marquesa in 1988, they believe that now is the time to move forward with a $10 million expansion.

While the proposal was passed without dissent by the Key West Planning Board, the city's tree commission must agree to it tomorrow, and the Historic Architectural Review Commission must give it in the green light next Monday. Only then can it qualify for final approval by the Key West City Commission in December or January.

How's it all going to work? Inter-Ocean plans to demolish Pilot House's Cabana Building, which is but six guest rooms now. It would expand to eight rooms. In addition, the circa 1900s Grand Mansion, which holds eight guestrooms, would be renovated and shrink to just four guestrooms. Then, two guestrooms and a lobby would be join the William Kerr House, a three-unit residential building that Inter-Ocean acquired in 2012 for $820,000.

Opening of the new Marquesa is slated for early 2017. At that point, guest rooms would be priced under one rate. The project is being financed by BB&T Bank, and architect Thomas Pope would be doing design.

Currently, no plans have been announced on the age limit: children under 14 are not permitted as guests on the grounds.

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