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Study: Mana Wynwood Plan Would Generate 30,000-Plus Jobs

renderings via Zyscovich Architects

Moishe Mana's pre-approved plans for Mana Wynwood's "Special Area Plan" have been detailed and they are ambitious and economy-boosting.

The project would span nearly 10 million square feet, include 24-story building and tally over 3,400 residential units. Most importantly, it'd create tens of thousands of jobs, notes South Florida Business Journal.

According to a study done by the developer, building the project would create 14,850 non-recurring jobs with $675 million in gross wages. Once it's completed, Mana Wynwood would create more than 19,400 direct and indirect jobs with more than $400 million in wages. Some of the other details mentioned as the project seeks approval before the city's Planning and Zoning Board on Wednesday are it'd feature 51,146 square feet of civic space known as Mana Common (open plazas, pedestrian passages, etc), over 168,000 square feet of open space and over 8,000 parking spots. There would be a market pavilion of temporary retail outlets, kinetic media signs up to 80 feet high, rooftop gardens, vertical gardens draping buildings and artistic murals. Plans for Wynwood's ascension continue.

Update (12/17): Mana and the Wynwood Business Improvement District hit a snag, notes The Real Deal, over his vision for the Special Area Plan:

The Miami Planning and Zoning Appeals Board postponed a vote on Wednesday on the proposed 9 million-square-foot mixed-use project at the request of Mana and the Wynwood Business Improvement District, which is made up of developers. Both sides told board members they need additional time to hammer out an agreement that would allow Mana to move forward with the BID's blessing. Mana is seeking a favorable recommendation from the planning board for a special area plan... "We believe the scope and magnitude of the [special area plan] requires more discussion between the Wynwood BID and the applicant," David Polinsky, developer of the 250 Wynwood residential building who chairs the BID's planning committee, told planning board members.

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